How to Wear Skinny Jeans

  1. Dark coloured skinnies have the most slimming effect. Go for black or dark denim. Some shops that have good jeans in stock are Jay Jays and Just Jeans (and they are of a reasonable price too!).
  2. “Skinny” jeans don’t have to be so tight that the side seams are about to burst or you get a wedgie as soon as you put them on. Try to get jeans that have a bit of stretch in them so you won’t feel so constricted. Skinnies can look just as good in a style that scrunches up a bit around your ankles and is of a slightly looser fit. Don’t get them TOO loose though – otherwise what’s the point of them being called “Skinny jeans”
  3. Balance off the effect of skinnies by wearing a loose and flowing top over them. Babydoll dresses / tunics work quite well, and look even better with a belt over the waistline. If you want to go for a less girly look, get a loose-fitting (but not baggy) tee in dark colors or with graphics/slogans on it. A good idea would be to check out the sale racks in shops like Jay Jays, Shanton etc. etc. And even K Mart / The Warehouse may have some that are just as good. Vests can give you a very edgy look.
  4. Wearing heels / wedges with your skinnies can make you look even taller! Ballet flats and slip Vans – though very common – look best on taller people or people with longer legs. Converse are also a comfy (and good looking) alternative, although again looks better on taller people with longer legs.
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